Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Two down, seven to go

Shedding lives like a cat on the way to work today. Almost got taken out by a cement lorry coming the other way as I rode down through Dulwich, and then on the way to Kennington spent a bit too long eying up some passing lady's breasts, and almost went over the bonnet of a car turning across the bus lane. Whoops. Still, got to work alive. On the way over Waterloo Bridge, some guy on a Specialized road bike went past me, so I hauled after him and overtook him by the end of the bridge. Possibly enraged by somebody on a cheaper machine beating him, he charged off through Covent Garden and almost put another bloke into an oncoming bus. Who then followed him, rather enraged. I wobbled along behind, waiting to see if he could catch him up, which he did only at Short's Gardens; bit of a row between the two of them, but no fisticuffs (shame). Isn't cycling grand?


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