Monday, September 24, 2007

Year of Eating Differently (21): Smollensky's Burgershack, Charing Cross Road

From the outside it looks a bit like a dirty burger joint, but this is probably because everything on Charing Cross Road looks filthy after about five minutes. Inside it's all dark colours, frosted glass and bare metal - upmarket diner? Dodgy strip club? Who knows?

Anyway, burger is very very good - spicy as, and despite looking like a dog's breakfast (I thought they hadn't cooked the felafel and had just chucked a load of paste into a bun, but that was the hummus on top) it went down a treat. The bun, on the other hand, was pretty awful - flavourless, dry and generally unremarkable.
Chips? Hmmph. Here's my bone of contention. If I'm having a burger and I order 'skinny fries' off the menu, that's what I expect to get. Not great big hoofing fat chip-shop chips, which is what I get, and which doesn't seem quite right. Apart from that they were quite competent, so what was the vibe they were going for? Fat potato obsessed pranksters? Upmarket downmarketeering? Who knows. I'll pop back on the 24th of September next year, and see if they get it right.


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