Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Year of Eating Differently (22): Taste, Rathbone Place

Going here does raise questions about the whole enterprise. If you choose to have soup that turns out to be from a Covent Garden Soup Company carton, and it's warmed up in a microwave, and the sole addition that the staff make is to put some pepper onto it, are you doing anything different to going to Tesco's and buying a carton of soup yourself? But on the other hand, how many cafes are growing their own potatoes/baking their own bread/churning their own butter? If I were that concerned with getting back to the source of the food, then I probably wouldn't be eating out so much. Or I'd be eating out of the kitchen window of a farmhouse somewhere. But I digress.
Taste is ok. It's a shop by itself rather than a chain (what difference does that make anyway?) but the food on offer isn't much different to elsewhere. Seems a more limited range than Shellys or Make Mine, but I haven't dipped too deeply into it. And although the added pepper to the soup improves it, it can't get over the flaw of Covent Garden Soup - it's far too goddamn salty, and a bit of pepper can't overcome that. It's enough pepper to make your tongue tingle a bit though, which is a novel experience. Crisps - well, so what. They work. I did resolve to stop eating crisps recently. Then I went to Charing Cross station, and the experience was so horrible I could only get over it by eating a packet of Frazzles. How weak willed am I?
Akrasia aside, the chocolate coated ginger biscuits are good. Very good indeed.


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