Friday, December 07, 2007

Year of Eating Differently (61): Red Veg, Dean Street

Red Veg, Dean Street
An unassuming exterior, again concealed by scaffolding, to the point where I walked past it twice before I found it. That must do wonders for their passing trade.
Inside the rather unfinished interior (the decorator must have given up a long time ago, because it's been like this for at least a couple of years) I swiftly ordered my vegetable burger with mushrooms, and then rushed back to the office.
A burger and (pallid) chips.
Burger was largely indifferent, not tasting of much at all. Neither did the mushrooms surrounding it, or the mayonnaise. Worst, the chips looks positively anemic - maybe they should get out in the sun more, or increase the iron in their diet. Or possibly I shouldn't attempt to eat things when I've got a cold and my taste is absent.
Anyhow, it wasn't anything much to complain about, but sits rather unpleasantly on my stomach. Next week I think I will attempt to eat healthy things, rather than a monotonous diet of burgers and chips.


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