Monday, December 10, 2007

Year of Eating Differently (62): Pure California, Wardour Street

After a short frustration trying to get my Sony Ericsson K850i fixed (the buttons don't work, which is a software problem, apparently, despite them BEING BUTTONS) went down Wardour Street in search of pizza. I've already done Maletti's and Pizza Express, and although there were some nice-but-pricey places ahead of me, I felt strangely reticent at being sat alone in a restuarant eating a pizza. I used to be fine with that, but perhaps I'd worry too much about the human condition and start crying. So I'll save that for later in the week.
Pure California - well, when I went to California I saw the Greyhound bus station at Los Angeles and it was nothing like this. Nor was it anything like Haight-Ashbury, but since that's just the end of the 60's / Camden that's probably a good thing. Hippies not able to get over the end of their decade are so declasse darling.
Anyway, Pure California offers things with beans, hummus and amusing titles. Yes, very funny. My sides split the time I read a pun on the word hummus. Must. Get. Out. More. Settled for a wrap with beans and avocado in it - a combination I've never encountered before.
It's better than I feared. Annoyingly, you buy what looks like one wrap and then it turns out to be in two sections (similarly, I've always been frustrated by Bounty bars and the fact that you don't get one really big wodge of coconut covered in chocolate) but the combination of what appears to be raw broccoli, quite spicy sauce and almost no identifiable avocado turns out to be pretty good


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