Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Year of Eating Differently (84): Slug & Lettuce, Wardour Street

Burger too big? Mouth too small? Manners too corroded? Really hard to say what was up with the Slug & Lettuce, but I ended up with burger sauce down the front of my top. By all accounts, I'm a revolting sight to see, scarfing down food as fast as I can in order to get back to the office to maximise shareholder value.
Anyway, the Slug & Lettuce is a nice counterpoint to All Bar One. All Bar One is where "people meet people meet people" - people with a bit of a stutter, perhaps? The Slug and Lettuce just sounds like an unfortunate combination. Both of them are strange places to be for lunch midweek - they're much more natural being full of braying idiots in cheap suits, enjoying a moment of 'freedom' at the end of a hard week. Losers. They'll be enjoying their 'freedom' wandering around Ikea in 16 hours time, or watching Sky Sports on their credit-card-funded plasma screen.
Burger is pretty good, although the bun is very big and square, and thus not suitable for jamming into your mouth in one go. Leads to mess down your front.
Chips look anaemic but taste really good. So it goes to show you shouldn't judge everything on appearances. Like the waitress with blonde hair and skin so pale that from a distance they combine and you think she's bald. Or the wallpaper, that looks like flock but inflated to the nth degree. Hmm. Not bad at all, really.


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