Thursday, January 17, 2008

Year of Eating Differently (85): Vita Ingredient, Wardour Street

Wandered past here the other day. Was in a rush to get off work early today, so couldn't go for a sit-down meal anywhere. Nipped in here instead and was frankly nonplussed by the vegan offerings. If everything is priced by the scoop it's just, well, mealy-mouthed to a heartless wage slave like myself. Where's the price differentiation to determine the price sensitivity of the customers? Eh? Where's Tim Harford when you need him?
So, got back to the office with a cardboard box with four scoops in it. As any good mathematician knows, you should HEDGE YOUR BETS which is why I picked up some Cheddars (BBQ flavour) and a Yorkie (it's not for girls!!!! apparently) as well on the way back. Had two scoops of rice - very good: nutty with fruity overtones. Had one scoop of noodles - indifferent, but hardly offensive. Had something called the Medium Chakra, which was an infestation of seeds and mulch and cracked grains that was so utterly disgusting that even the Cheddars and the Yorkie didn't ameliorate the symptoms much.
An hour later, the whole of the office started vibrating. Possibly this was God's judgment at me defying his vegan bounty. Then there was a thunderstorm. Then I felt like I was going to be sick. Then I got stood up and was left with nothing to do all evening. That is all.


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