Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Having cake / eating it

More running today; the schedule called for 4 miles at 10k pace, split up with 4 minutes recovery either side. Not having run a 10k in competition since 2007 I wasn't sure what pace to go at, so I tried for 42:30, didn't quite achieve it. However, I have got a 10k coming up this Sunday (at the ill-advised hour of 5 in the morning, and I've already got the medal - not quite sure why they'd give them out in advance, but there you are...) so I may find out then what my current 10k pace really is.
Ran, finished by 9, went for a couple of beers in Central with Nick, now shambling home on the tram. I do love living in Hong Kong and being able to combine athletic training with a social life - now let's see if I can get up tomorrow morning...


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