Sunday, February 08, 2009

Best this year

Up at 4:15 this morning for a race (that's around midday in Seattle yesterday, time zone fans) - a really great experience, although tougher than I expected. Garmin was about 1% off over the entire distance (not so bad) and it was great to do a race that was fully in darkness - rather like the Thetford Dusk Til Dawn, but over in 45:17 rather than 12 hours. (That's a personal best if I don't count running outside of Asia - although come to think of it, it's the only 10k I've run in Asia. Never mind, a victory is a victory. And my PB is 43:05 (Jan 1 2007) - I'm hoping to get this to sub 40 minutes this year, which I hope I can do if I concentrate on speedwork for the 6 months after Tokyo.
Got home just as dawn was spreading over Happy Valley. Tried to sleep, couldn't, did another 15k around Happy Valley (predictably horrible) and then spent the rest of today being really rather unproductive, but in a good way: got a foot massage, watched the Foot Fist Way (disappointing, sadly), got the top of a table from a friend, jabbered on Skype for a while, and put off practising my comedy until it was almost too late. Tut tut. Will do some now I've finishing this displacement activity, and then put myself to bed...


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