Monday, February 09, 2009

Night running

Ah, bliss. There's something magical about running at night, and much more so on the trails in Hong Kong, where there's that nagging fear you might be bitten by a snake, or fall off the side of the mountain and never be seen again. It just feels so much more special than in the daytime, due to that slight lack of realism. That, and there are no old men walking in pairs down the trail, carrying transistor radios. Or people pushing babies in prams. No, there's just the dark, and the occasional moth, and the sounds of insects creaking somewhere close.
Plus, in a moment of ipod-serendipity, Xploding Plastics started playing Norweigan jazz-drum-n-bass just as I hit a rocky section, and for a few minutes I felt like I was flying - haven't felt that good since the times I was riding home from work through Crystal Palace at 10pm and breaking 40 on the road bike. Ah, bliss...
Tomorrow I'll reap the benefit though, I'm sure...


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