Thursday, March 11, 2010

Boozed up and ready for something

I left the office at 7:30, eyes ready to fall out of my face and roll into the gutter. It had been a hard day one way or another, bouncing up and down. Well, more down, and back to level. I think the stress and indecision and lack of exercise is gradually killing me.

That, and reading a book about UN missions in Haiti, Rwanda and Somalia. That was never going to be light reading.
However, I've now read pretty much all the books I brought back from London, and watched most of the DVDs. This puts me in a bit of a quandary. What do I do now to fill my evenings? Listen to the whirring of my dehumidifier? Attempt to amass a new high score on Lumines? Or do something with my life?

Not knowing what that something would be, I've been multi-tasking by playing Lumines and listening to the dehumidifier. It's a mad, mad, crazy, zesty life that I lead.

Oh, and I drank half a (small) bottle of Feng Shui sake today. I hope I don't wake up with my internal organs arranged more auspiciously than God intended.


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