Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I hate computers

Last night I installed Windows Media Player on my laptop, so that I could play music from my enormous hard drive (not that I like to boast) through my Xbox.  I'm not quite sure why I did this.  I haven't ever felt before that there was a big gap in my life which could be filled by playing music through my Xbox.  After all, when I'm using the Xbox, it's so that I can drive computer-generated facsimiles of cars around non-existent racetracks, and I've always been happy in the past to do this to the sound of computer-simulated engines.

But never mind.  I suppose the allure of teh shiny new was such that I couldn't resist.  What I hadn't expected was that when I installed Windows Media Player, it would uninstall iTunes.  And uninstall Google Chrome.  And delete all the history of documents on my machine.  And reset the computer's appearance to what it was four years ago (which at least removes all the junk that was left on my desktop).  Although it hasn't uninstalled Opera, for some reason, or Firefox, so perhaps there's only a certain level of hatred in Microsoft for rival technology companies.  It has removed all the customised bits of Firefox, so it's done something, but not everything.  The rotter.  At least if it was being consistent I might understand it.

This is all terribly inconvenient.  More so when I reinstalled iTunes, and it decided that it could find only a third of the songs on my hard drive, which is just a ruddy nuisance.  I object to Apple being so bad at designing iTunes that I have to fork over cash to somebody else to tidy up all the songs that it's missed / duplicated / tidied somewhere special.  I hope TuneUp does a better job.

What I've learned (or I hope I've learned from this debacle) is that I don't trust Apple to look after my music, which  is a real pain, and I'm newly amazed and annoyed that Microsoft still has the ability to be a complete dick.

Only question is, when I buy a new computer to sit inside my beautiful furniture, is it going to be running Ubuntu (which will probably make my girlfriend very cross for inexplicable linux-based reason) or OS X (which will cost a bomb, and possibly not misbehave like this) or Windows (which will probably appear ok for all of fifteen minutes, and then magically go mad on me).

Oh, I love computers.


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