Friday, October 29, 2010

What are people looking for?

It's the last Friday before Halloween, I'm off to Taiwan soon to visit Taroko Gorge, and my computers are misbehaving, so to put myself in the holiday mood I'm going to spend the afternoon peering at data from Google Analytics about what search terms have brought people to this blog. And then writing about it, so there will be strange reflexive effects when people will read about what people did and then perhaps do the same themselves, or search for data about what people did and then ... ok. I'm sorry, I know I should be writing something reasoned and helpful about, say, the modal height of single ladies in mid-first-decade 21st century Britain, but I'll get round to that later.

Anyway, here's what people searched for:

noel gascon"" comedy - I laughed when we took him to see some wild dogs having sex in Tai O, at least
bloomberg free food - no, it's a financial news specialist, not a soup kitchen
jokes about volcanoes - will they like what they see?  will they not?
the cadence of your voice just made my uterus drop out - The 40-Year Old Virgin giveth, and the 40-Year Old Virgin taketh away
agnieszka dislocated shoulder 11 october 2010 blog - I have no idea who Agnieszka might be
bloomberg office free food - see above
cafe milan shaftesbury avenue - a tip on where to eat in London
canteen prince's building - a tip on where to eat in Hong Kong
canteen princes building - the same tip, slightly less satisfactorily
cushtie - the reward of owning - see above
dislocating shoulder jokes - there are such things?
errornomics joseph hallinan blogger
jokes about vegeterians - people who can't spell vegetarian like me
jokes on volcanoes - to be fair, I've written a few, but that sounds more like the searcher wants a monograph
klein bike - something for the fans of obscure, expensive, no-longer-manufactured bicycles
michael dorsher bloomberg - no, you want
people is dislocated shoulder - no, people have dislocated shoulders
polar night half marathon runner's world - which may actually turn out to be useful for somebody
the cadence of your voice just uterus - that pesky 40-Year Old again
volcanoes jokes - back to volcanoes again - I think you're typing in the wrong part of your computer...

From this I glean that:
  • I'm not attracting that much traffic from random searches, but some people think that this blog might offer them all sorts of answers to medical queries around dislocated shoulders.
  • There will always be people searching for jokes about volcanoes.
  • Simply typing in lines from films will drive a certain amount of traffic to your site.


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