Saturday, April 23, 2011

All you can eat

We got up much too early today: I only had about ten and a half hours' sleep, which was hardly enough. Yesterday I'd had the world's grumpiest man serve me the world's smallest pastry for breakfast, so today we went to an Italian restaurant on the top of a shopping mall for all you can eat pizza and pasta.

We were initially flummoxed by the offer: I was expecting it to be some sort of horrendous buffet, wrinkly old slices of pizza under heat lamps and an infinite bowl of spag bol, but bizarrely it was a selection of freshly made pasta and lovely crispy pizza. As our waiter explained, "It's all you can eat - you eat all you can". Simple, eh?

Sadly we only arrived for the last hour - there's a lot of pizza I can eat if I put my mind to it. Still, that was about two meals for lunch, and then we wandered back to the hotel room to watch the last thirty minutes of the sequel to Anaconda.

Yup, I'm properly sampling the cultural delights of Singapore. (We also went to Banana Republic and I engaged in my favourite weekend hobby of wasting salespeoples' time in camera shops, but there's little that needs to be said about those things.)

Tonight we're off to a wedding (the main reason for going to Singapore this weekend) so I imagine I'll crash back into the hotel room in the small hours of the morning, and then watch the end of Anacondas. We're having to turn it off just as an angry English bloke yells 'hand me the flowers!' so as you can tell it's pretty compulsive viewing.


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