Sunday, April 24, 2011

Singapore for a day

First dance

The wedding was beautiful, and not just in comparison to watching Anacondas: Blood Orchid. I haven't been to that many weddings in the last few years, but at each one I'm astounded by the attention to detail everyone seems to show. It's both humbling and inspiring, and vaguely worrying for me that perhaps I haven't put enough thought into our wedding this summer. Or perhaps that's something my dear fiancee has already sorted out.

After an evening filled with ridiculously impressive video, a dance from Australia relayed by Skype, and lots of heart shaped balloons, we got a taxi home, got lost and tried to navigate our way to the hotel via colonial-era architecture and modern malls.

If you've ever visited Singapore, you'll understand that this is more difficult than you might otherwise think.

Once back in the hotel room, I made the strategic error of turning on the television, which meant we ended up staying up and watching the entirety of Die Hard, a film that holds up pretty well despite its age, although it does take some time before there's any real action: modern action films seem to have a lot more crash bang wallop a lot earlier on.

Because it was aaaages before the film finished, we woke bleary eyed this morning and shambled around, before hitting up the Singapore National Museum to look at stuff. It's a great place and the hour we spent there was not nearly enough - there's some very good exhibits from the last 600 years or so of history, with a lot more interesting (and amusing) things than the Museum of Hong Kong had to offer a few years ago. It's not just 'here is some stuff - look at it', which is a real departure from most of the Asian museums I've visited.

Apart from the Miniature Museum of Taipei, which was ... Well, I'm still speechless about that, almost two years' later. Maybe one day I'll explain.

Taxi to the airport, half an hour eating soup, then another oh-so-joyous Jetstar flight home, and now I'm close to catatonic on the couch, watching photographs upload. Coming back on Sunday and having Easter Monday to recuperate now feels like a masterstroke.


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