Friday, January 20, 2012


The snow continued to fall today - we were promised nothing but warm(er) rain, but instead there was pretty snow bedecking all the buildings. Cajoled by a colleague, I went to the office, to find a ghost town of abandoned cubicles. Every meeting was cancelled, something that provoked me to paroxysms of rage. It was as if nobody else had ever thought of using the telephone to communicate: like emus, if they can't see you, some people in the office think they can't hear you either.

What rages I could fly to today. Sleep deprivation is fun, at least in retrospect, because you get these massive mood swings from being fairly chipper to spitting bloody feathers and back again. It's hardly the whole gamut of emotion, but I suppose it's some sort of variety.

Anyway, I'm low on battery and I may have a delayed flight tomorrow, but at least I'm not being woken up by the police. One of my Kentish chums was awoken by the local constabulary visiting his next door neighbour. At 1:30 am. And using their shoes to open the door. Heaven knows why.

Well, I'm not being woken up by the police yet. Give it another day, and as starvation and madness set in at the hotel, the looters/zombie hordes/Occupy Bellevue will all be at the gates, and the militia will have to round up every able-bodied man (and me) to help defend things. Which will be exciting, especially as I have a plane to catch.

I had to say something about having a lot of big boned skeletons in my closet, but it will be better on a good night's sleep.

Lastly, it feels like an eternity but it can only have been last week that I was leaning out of my apartment window on the 12th floor, dangling my laptop out above the street to let a friend see Hong Kong via my webcam. Today, I did the same in order to provide a tour of my hotel room. When I got as far as opening the windows to show off the snow, the wifi connection died instantly, suggesting network bandwidth is a bit like steam, vanishing instantly when cold air rushes in. I'll never be a network engineer.


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