Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Time to trim some fat

I went to the doctor today and he laughed at my cholesterol. That is the kind of medical professional you want.

In Hong Kong, a series of medical professionals made dour pronouncements about my life expectancy every time they assessed my fat. In turn, I'd spend a month off the cheese, eating porridge and being slightly gloomy, and my LDL would drop by implausible amounts.

Here in Singapore, my cheery doctor expressed disbelief when I told him about my hi-score on the Cholesterol Challenge, and pointed out my fallacy when I said my siblings weren't vegetarian, they were "normal". Which is better than being told you have to go on the drugs, right away.

I may have to go on the drugs, right away, but first I get to have another blood test, which is fine and dandy but it means fasting for ten hours beforehand, and since I was in a rush to get to the comedy club tonight, the last thing I had to eat was a small dish of pasta and two glasses of water at eight, and so tomorrow is likely to be fairly unproductive, as I'll spend the morning trying not to faint, and the afternoon recovering from not eating by eating. Eating so much that I will be twice by normal size by 8pm tomorrow.

Perhaps because of this worry, but much more because I failed to rehearse this weekend, I didn't feel as strong on stage tonight.  I got to be just before the headliner, which I think is a compliment, but I was a little sluggish and not feeling as good as before; I had to rush my merlion bit into the end of my set. 5 minutes goes by awfully fast. Once I'm done with the cholesterol, I'll try to remove all the gaps from my set and see how fast I can do it. Because speed is always your friend, right?


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