Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Edging into Darkness

I didn't leave the office at all today, which I think was a mistake. I try to take a promenade around the building at least once a day, to stop my mind and body seizing up, but I was too busy today wasting energy on arguing the toss about spreadsheets, and not spending enough time justifying my existence.

I lolloped home after ten hours of this, and had my wife crush me at cards, before watching another episode and a half of Edge Of Darkness. I really had forgotten quite how good, and quite how complicated, the whole thing was, and now it makes me feel that Mel Gibson's remake really was unwarranted. Still, it could be worse; there are some cultural treasures of the 1980s as yet unravaged.

Oh. They've remade Total Recall, haven't they? At least Robocop hasn't been rebooted yet.

I finished reading The Chocolate Wars, and then read about The Chocolate War, a young adult novel from a few decades ago. Some sort of syncronicity, perhaps? I found it for the first time yesterday, while looking for The Chocolate Wars, then read a brand new review today. The internet is watching me and I need a new tinfoil hat.

Better give Edge of Darkness a rest for a few days, I guess...


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