Thursday, November 01, 2012

Angry man in a coffee shop

Today I went over the road to Starbucks, which was so exciting I completely forgot and if you'd asked me five minutes ago if I left the office, I would have sworn blind I was at my desk all day long.

Yesterday I went to Starbucks too; it is part of the exciting variety of my working week. That, and going to Cedele and buying a coffee so strong I have heart palpitations nine hours later.

Yesterday, I had an utterly disgusting chocolate and cranberry cookie to eat. Today, I was intent on a slightly less foul oatmeal cookie, and a hot chocolate. Unlike the chocolate cookie, it wouldn't be a semi-liquid disc of failure and unhappiness.

To get to the cookie, I had to reach the till first, and ahead of me was a young chap in a baseball cap, fiddling with his iphone and constantly turning around, like he was trapped in a bad pantomime. I kept moving towards the till, and then he'd pirouette in front of me, fiddle with the phone, then turn around again. Not like a bad actor trapped in a panto. More like a video game monster that you had to dodge past.

I began to grow testy. I'm now half way through my allotted years on this planet and so I've become grumpy and intolerant. Part of me wanted to shake the manchild by the shoulders and tell him to shape up. Part of me wanted to sidle past him and order my food. And part of me didn't want to make a fuss.

After he'd rotated a good ten times or so, he ordered two bottles of orange juice and one cup (well, a man needs his vitamin C) and reeled away so I could get in. I returned to the office in something of a rage, and didn't leave again until it was time for an eleven mile run this evening.

I wonder if this combination of exercise, sitting down for long periods and occasional coffee shop rage is going to lead to something bad in later life.


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