Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fight Comic

Tonight I had Fight Comic, and I was dreading it because I've had a week of stress, sleep deprivation and very little time to prepare. Whether it's a crick in my neck, a recalcitrant wisdom tooth that likes to tease me by erupting and then hiding again, or insomnia inexplicably provoked by the sussurus of our electric fan, I've been struggling to cope with the world since we got back from Taiwan. Fight Comic is improvised, but it still requires thinking about the topics that might come up and getting yourself in the right mode.

So to concentrate, I went to the barbers. That's not as silly as it might sound: the combination of hair growth and heat has given me these hallucinations that my beard is strangling me, so to spend an hour in a barber's chair, unable to do anything, was actually very relaxing. Contrast that with all day sitting in the office, unable to do very much but still having to engage some significant portion of my brain. If I could be paid to have my hair cut all day ... I'd be rich. And a skinhead.

I took my wife to the barbers. After all, she has to look at my head more than I do, so it's important for her to approve the results. When she was satisfied, we went round the corner to Bergs, where I ate a burger that was ostensibly made from felafel and avocado. I think they replaced it with fresh cement: it tasted just fine, but it settled in my stomach as a single, monolithic lump of food. We walked around Arab Street, trying to get my stomach to settle, but it made no difference. And so we both struggled up the stairs to the club, encumbered by baby and burger respectively.

So, no practise, scant preparation and an evening of doing things rather than my traditional stare-at-a-blank-wall-and-breathe technique. I thought I'd bomb, but even though there was a fairly small crowd in the room, we all got laughs. Not wanting to boast, at the end it was looking like I was first runner-up, which is the best result I've ever had at Fight Comic. I have what might be some promising material about the man who sued Disney after being trapped in the It's A Small World ride, and it's always nice to get something to reuse out of a topical show.

So that was a whole lot of fun. It's still incredibly hot and I'm incredibly tired, but I've had stage time in every month of 2013 so far. I'm interested to review the video and see if my Easter Bunny stuff worked or not (that isn't going to be usable now until another year has passed) and figure out what else I can learn from this.


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