Tuesday, February 22, 2005


It's been snowing the last day or so in Kent - went to lunch and saw the sky looking oppressively grey, and by the time I got back to the office it was hailing. Anyway, had to put in 3 miles today but didn't have a chance to do it at lunchtime, what with meetings, banking cheques for Stopadoodledoo t-shirts, etc, so decided to go out that night.

Went home first though, changed, and then ran out the door about 6.15, head torch on. This swiftly proved useless for anything apart from illuminating the snowflakes - with it off, you were just running in the dark. With it on, there was a whirling cloud of bright white streaks in front of you, and then utter darkness. Ended up using it just to warn off cars of my presence (and there's few enough of those at the back end of Hawkinge).

Ran down to the Hawking Dogging Spot / viewpoint over the Channel Tunnel terminal and then did a bit of running on the field, which was really cool - either awaking some deep racial memory of running over frozen steppes or (more likely) some cheap WWII film where the Bosche chase the hero across a snowy field, firing Sten guns occasionally. Little bit scary though, in that you're right on a cliff edge for the first part of this, on a path about 10 inches wide that's slippery and slimy. Didn't fall off though, and got back safely, having put in my requisite 4.8 km.

Rest of the evening should have been spent being creative. So I ironed some shirts and tried to watch The Boys From Brazil. Bless poor old Steve Guttenburg. If you got stabbed in the first ten minutes of your first serious movie role, you'd probably go off and star in Police Academy films too...


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