Thursday, July 13, 2006

Things that Internet Dating Has Taught Me

1. All women work in Financial Services.
2. 98% of them are reading The Da Vinci Code.
3. "Open minded" is not necessarily a synonym for "prefers anal sex".
4. There are only three (3) women in the world who are more than 5'4" tall.
5. If they've seen the film Secretary, they think it's really sexy. Rather than something in which Donnie Darko's sister wets herself. Although thinking about it...
6. Don't drink twice as much as her on the first date. Particularly not on an empty stomach. On a hot day. Even if you do think her chin is a bit big, you should still make the effort. (added 25th July 2006)
7. Likewise, don't drink 5 pints of Hoegaarden the night before and then play tennis on the morning of your date, while forgetting to eat anything to stave off your hangover. Otherwise this tends to happen. I suppose 7a must be that women don't like to meet men with the DTs, [mostly]
8. If they're not reading The Da Vinci Code, they're more than likely reading Heat magazine. If neither, you're hopefully onto a winner.


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