Monday, July 28, 2008

Day 3: A short walk...

I had a session at Aberdeen Track on Sunday morning at 8am, when the thermometer was already reading 25 degrees. Luckily, I'd been out until 4am that morning drinking Hoegaarden and dancing like an idiot with two Dutchmen in a club called Bed off Wyndham Street. Naming a club 'Bed' is either the work of a genius or a complete bastard - your friends tell you it's time to go to Bed, you agree, thinking you're feeling quite worn out at 2am, and instead you get dragged into a neon lit hall of mirrors and get handed beer in honour of some Taiwanese giant's birthday. And so it goes.
Thus when I got up on Sunday I didn't exactly feel great, but I got myself over to the track and attempted 6 400m repeats. Did four, felt pretty awful - thought I was going to be sick halfway through the fourth one, then one more that really was awful, and had to have a sit down. They say men perspire and women glow - well, I was excreting what smelt like a combination of gravy and liquid nicotine through my pores. I sat slumped on the side of the track and looked at the tiny dots of sweat appearing on my arms. A little later, got a taxi back to Happy Valley, just in time to shower and then go straight out to Lantau for a little walk in the hills: or rather, 942 metres of climbing, a litre and a half of water drunk in an hour and a half, and then another hour and a half of stumbling, a little dazed and dizzy, remarking on the beautiful views, down the mountain again.

Quite proud that I could do both of these things on three hours of sleep and a burger from Shake Em Buns, but there's a feeling that I should settle down and consider my diet and lifestyle a bit more carefully if I'm going to do better at running.

Aberdeen Track times (400m)
01:17 (152)
01:19 (157)
01:20 (158)
01:22 (161)
01:53 (152)
[Quite possibly maximum HR is more useful in assessing sprint performance than average. When I've loaded everything off the GPS, I'll tack that in]


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