Saturday, August 02, 2008

Day 6: A long run, lost

First time running at Pok Fu Lam with running club; I'm not a great fan of the area, probably because of that horrible time I ran up the Peak, then down Pok Fu Lam, and then in ever-decreasing circles trying to find my way out. Maybe it's the steps, maybe it's the wide concrete paths, or maybe it's just me being bitter.
Anyways, did ok as far as the Steps of Death:
Warning to hikers
However, I failed to heed the warning, took a wrong turn further down and instead of going down Peel Rise like everyone else, ended up on a path that petered out halfway down the hillside under an electricity pylon.
Now in an even bigger grump, staggered up the stairs, took another route down (yet more steps) and found myself on the main road into Aberdeen. A pleasant run this was not. After 15 minutes of idiocy, got back to the other end of Peel Rise, ran past the graveyard, and bumped into Rae and Kate at the bottom of the steps I should have run down, heaving and sweating out my ears.
Here's the graveyard where I could have happily been stored for a few years:
Cemetary above Aberdeen
And here's the GPS log:


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