Friday, August 08, 2008

Day 8: Speedwork, Aberdeen

It's cold. The thermometer was reading only 28 celsius when we started running. Ended up dripping like a tap by the end of it, which was lovely.
Made the mistake of misreading my instructions: instead of doing 4 x 400 and 4-6 x 200, did 6 x400 and was then too ruined to do more than 2 200s.
800 speed felt a bit slower than the previous week (2:55 against 2:55 and 2:57, so actually as good as) and 400 speed felt a lot worse (but in fact it was consistent; the previous week was 1:15 at best but 1:35 worst, whereas this week was 1:20 or thereabouts for all 6).
200 speed was down quite some way on last week, but I think that is explained best by a combination of wrecking myself with too many 400s, and then not having Jane to chase around the track. Next time, perhaps...


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