Friday, August 15, 2008

Days 9-12

Busy busy busy at work, so it's been hard to condense thoughts about training this week into anything intelligible.
Friday night was the Olympics opening ceremony, so like an idiot I watched every nation troop into the stadium, drank five beers and then went to bed. Didn't feel that clever the next day, but had arranged to run round Pok Fu Lam, so I hitched a ride with Crazy Taxi driver up to the Peak. Rather than feeding the steering wheel through his hands in the Highway Code mandated fashion, he gripped it at arms' length in both hands, and turned the wheel without ever changing the position of his hands upon it - which doesn't sound so bad until you realise we were bombing up a steep and windy hill with cement lorries coming down the other way, with my slightly imbecilic driver having to duck below the level of his dashboard because of the wheel being turned and his arms being attached to it.
Got out, ran down the hill to the reservoir (put in a 3:50 kilometre while warming up, which was a bit painful). Suffered like a dog, staggered home, spent all day waiting for the Man. Well, the men from Ikea; at least I now have a sofa.
Monday: 8k easy round Happy Valley. Very boring. Enough said.
Tuesday: speedwork again, hurrah. Nicky told me to try to do two lots of 15 minutes at 170bpm pace. At 7am, feeling a bit rough and plenty tired out, that wasn't quite going to happen, but I managed two lots of 3000m at 170bpm plus. Pretty murderous, although the bad part was that even after a cold shower I was still perspiring as much as before - touched my hand against my forehead on the tram half an hour later, and it came back soaked in sweat. Which must have been pleasant for those around me.
Thursday: off to Aberdeen for some more pain on the track. Put in a 2:40 800m, which is the fastest I've recorded, and did a 1:14 400m (also, fastest time yet) and then some mediocre 200m times.
So speed seems to be improving. Not sure exactly what I'm training for right now though...


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