Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tropical Paradise

My temperature went up to 39.2 today, which is something to be proud of; I'm always pushing the limits of my body. If it's not having veins that are filled with finest cheese, it's radiating heat off my body like a 3 bar fire.

I took the day off, figuring that a morning in bed would be enough recuperation, but when my brain continued to feel like it was a size too big for my skull and I was still getting hotter, we went to the doctor instead of the office.

My doctor was pleased to see me, because the blood test results had come back and my cholesterol has halved, but I didn't really absorb much of what he was saying; that would be the trouble with trying to interact with humans while your body is boiling away. I'm not sweating - I assume some of the usual thermoregulation in my body isn't doing its job any more, in the face of ludicrous heat - so at least my shirt wasn't damp.

No rash, no sneezing, no signs of meningitis, which means it's quite possibly dengue fever, which means in a few days all the red blood cells in my body are going to make themselves scarce and I'm going to feel even crapper. In the meantime I've got paracetamol and ibuprofen to take, and I've cajoled my wife into mopping my brow some more. This really isn't much fun: I feel like I've lost most of my brain to the fever. A good night's sleep wasn't the perfect remedy after all.


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