Monday, January 25, 2010

Fame and fortune, almost, at last

I was intending on talking about this:
... However, I found out today that I'd appeared, if only very marginally, in a Chinese newspaper, so I'll leave dancing lions until tomorrow, when I may have processed the photographs more professionally.
I'm surprised I didn't mention it on Saturday but perhaps it was just too odd. As I left the club, there was a crowd of people standing under the awning, one of them looking incredibly bug-eyed and getting right in the face of another person, who remained stony-faced throughout. All the people crowding around were firing off cameras (looking like expensive types, or at least SLRs with flashguns attached).

I wasn't sure what to do. There wasn't much I could do to contribute, as the guys were already looking quite cross, but not looking like they were in a mood to speak English. Perhaps I should have bellowed 'what are you doing, my good man?' at the top of my voice, but I guess it's about 15 years too late for that sort of behaviour.

So instead, we went over the street to Fat Angelo's for complimentary pizza and beer, and I forgot all about the angry bulging eyes of Elgin Street.

Until somebody emailed me a link to the Apple Daily

And if you scroll down to the fifth picture, what do you see?

That's right, you see what looks rather like a really rubbish coming of age movie where two Chinese guys decide to get it on, and in the background there's a woman who looks frankly disgusted by it (sorry about that, perhaps I should have been a gentleman and stepped in), but behind her, there's the corner of my ear!  My ear!

Plus some hair.  Good lord, if I don't get a contract to appear on TVB every night from now on, I guess I never will.

Mind you, if you can't understand Traditional Chinese, I'm not sure that Google Translate is much help: such choice phrases as "Kenny addition to Detroit Metal City top the reporter chest, but also to reporters surface spat, spit Ins and Outs foot 4 times" and "Although Suki belly big toilet, but she is still very active, in addition to traveling four-port, but also from time to time with her husband to go out for entertainment" (as far as I can figure out from discussions with the rest of the office, there's this woman who was awarded a prize for looking pretty once, and now she's married to some bloke, and up the duff), but if the good people of Hong Kong really think that pregnancy = 'belly big toilet' then that Traditional Chinese Medicine is doing something very odd. 

Or Sergey Brin has sold his shares in Google just in time, before it's submerged in queries from people showing off at how machine translation isn't one-hundred percent reliable.


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