Monday, June 27, 2011

Get Even More Things Done!

This evening I had very little brainpower left, after buying my fiancee's birthday present, and some bread.

Or perhaps the bread is her birthday present, and she doesn't know that. It's hard to maintain the suspense, but I'm keeping her on tenterhooks by eating the bread. But not all of the bread. Will it be a dough-based gift? Or will it not?

As well as organising a wedding from thousands of miles away, and feeling that my brain is rotting, I figured now was the time to upgrade Get More Things Done [At Once]! to give proper share recommendations. And recruitment advice. If you're the kind of person who takes advice from a script based on random numbers an artifical intelligence a thousand times superior to any mere human then you might find it useful. We've yet to see whether in my addled state I've written the code out properly, or put the file in the right place for my evil hairy genius of a henchman to upload it onto the site. But pretty soon the more advanced version will be out there, waiting for you to use it.

It being the first day back to work, it was something of an uphill struggle to rev my brain up to full speed again. I chuntered through various emails, swore at my computer when it was too slow, and tried to avoid drinking coffee. I managed the last of these until about 2.30 this afternoon, when I could no longer embrace reality, and had an espresso. Which did not help one iota.

Perhaps the problem was that I woke up too early this morning: a six o'clock start from a spurt of grinding pain in my back certainly gave me the time to upload some photos before I had breakfast, but it wasn't anything to provide my mind with full functionality.

Tomorrow is the first day of marathon training. I suppose one thing I've failed to include in this version of Get More Things Done [At Once]! is to include any advice about embrocation, or running for further than you've ever done in your whole life, as fast as possible, but that will be something that v3.0 will provide. (I'm putting out version 1.1 soon - version 2.0 is just going to be incredibly rude, to assist any passive-aggressive people with a masochistic streak as wide as they are lazy.) But not this time round.

So this week requires a 3 mile run tomorrow, 5 miles on Wednesday, 3 more on Thursday, 5 on Saturday and 8 on Sunday. I'm glad I've got Friday off work (hurray for Hong Kong Establishment Day!), except I'll probably be out on the bicycle for the first time in months, so that's not going to provide much of a rest. Am I making things hard for myself again?


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