Thursday, June 21, 2012

More fever

Waking this morning without a fever but with a terrible headache, I lay in bed for a few hours until my wife returned and pointed out I was incredibly hot again. While the mammoth doses of ibuprofen have been keeping the fever down, as they wear off the heat just spikes back up.

We took a taxi back to the doctor, in an infernal downpour with a broken umbrella, all such weather vanishing the moment we got to the doctor. I wish that was a metaphor for visiting the doctor, but the clouds didn't really clear: it's unlikely to be dengue fever, or meningitis, but it could be flu, or a bacteriological infection of the respiratory tract, or mono. Blood is swishing its way around a laboratory and by the morning we'll know.

In the meantime I now have too many pills to count. Cough suppressants and painkillers and antibiotics and something to stop me vomitting it all up; if I could jump up and down then I'd probably rattle. Not that I can jump up and down at the moment.

So this week looks to be a write-off; no time in the office from Tuesday to Friday. I'm dreading what mound of work has constructed itself by Monday, but I can't really worry about it until then; my fragile mind has no ability to take on the cognitive load right now. Just a matter of leaning back and trying to relax...


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